Mobile and Fixed Generator Prices

Are you thinking of buying a new generator to help relieve the pain of load shedding? Then, how much does a generator cost? 

We recommend either a Mobile or Static Generator of at least 5.5kVA to power a house or small business when the power is down. 5.5kVA generators are priced from R6000 for Alternative brand mobile generators to R30000+ for static silent diesel generators.

Mobile generator Prices 

Mobile Open Frame Petrol Generators are the least expensive option with prices ranging from R2500 to R30000+ depending on the generator’s size and brand.  We recommend opting for a 5.5 kVA or more significant generator if you want to power your house during load shedding.

With a 5.5kVA generator you will be able to power the lights, television and most appliances but not heating and cooling devices like stoves, kettles and tumble dryers. With a 5.5kVA generator from a leading brand starting at around R12000 or an alternative brand priced from R6000 

Mobile Generator Pricelist

Ryobi RG-950 Air-Cooled 2-Stroke Generator .95kVA Generator Priced from R2500.00
Ryobi Generator 4-stroke Air-cooled – 1.2kvaPriced from R4500.00
Ryobi Generator 4-stroke Air-cooled – 3.0kvaPriced from R8200.00
Ryobi 5500W Petrol Key Start GeneratorPriced from R11500.00
Ryobi 6800W Petrol Key Start GeneratorPriced from R15000.00
Ryobi RG-10KVA 4-Stroke GeneratorPriced from R49000.00
Talon – Petrol Generator – 2.8kVA – Air-cooled Single Cylinder 4-strokePriced from R5750.00
Talon – Petrol Generator – 6 5KVA – Air-cooled Single Cylinder 4-strokePriced from R15000.00
Trade Professional 6kVA 4S 5.5kW Air-cooled Single Cylinder 4-strokePriced from R14500.00
Trade Professional 8000 4S 7.5KW 16HP 9.4KVA Priced from R17000.00
Alternative Brand 3.5kVA Air-cooled Single Cylinder 4-strokePriced from R4500.00
Alternative Brand 5.5kVA Air-cooled Single Cylinder 4-strokePriced from R6000.00
Alternative Brand 7.5kVA Air-cooled Single Cylinder 4-strokePriced from R8500.00

Static Silent Generator Prices

Static Diesel Generator is more expensive than Mobile petrol generators but they have many advantages over normal open frame generators:

  • They are a lot less noisy 
  • They have a longer lifespan and longer maintenance intervals
  • Can be integrated into your house’s electrical installation and setup to start automatically on grid failure
  • Increase safety with better diesel fuel and permanent electrical installation

Fixed diesel generators are priced from R18000.00 excluding installation for a 5kVA unit and 10kVA units starting at R50000.00 for a unit excluding installation cost.

Static Silent Generators Pricelist 

Adriatic Power 5kVA Diesel Generator Priced from R28000.00
Adriatic Power 6.5kVA Diesel GeneratorPriced from R32000.00
Adriatic Power 11kVA Diesel GeneratorPriced from R70000.00
TOTAL 6 Kva Silent Diesel GeneratorPriced from R23000.00
Accell 8.5Kva Silent Diesel Generator Priced from R35000.00
Pro Power 8.7Kva Silent Diesel Generator Priced from R29000.00
Pro Power 14kVA Silent Diesel GeneratorPriced from R65000.00
Generator Supply 8Kva Silent Diesel Generator Priced from R35000.00

The Cost of a Generator installation

Electricians charge from R300 – R600 per hour with electricians specializing in generators on the high end of the spectrum due to their current demand.

Generator installations can range from R5000.00 for a basic installation of a Mobile Generator with manual start and switchover to R15000+ for the installation of a Static Silent Generator with automatic start and switchover. 

Why Choose a GP Electricians partner to Supply and Install your Generator

When it is time to purchase a generator for your home it might be difficult to find a reputable supplier and installer. GP electricians have vetted companies across South Africa and selected the best to join our network. When selecting a GP Electricians partner you can be sure that:

  • They are client-focused and client satisfaction is their first priority
  • They offer competitive rates and quality work 
  • They can handle the supply and installation of the Generator
  • They offer great warranties and after-sales service
  • They supply both Mobile and Silent Static Generators 
  • They give great advice on what generator is right for you and what installation will work best.
  • They have many years of experience when it comes to the supply and experience of supplying and installing generators
  • They understand the frustrations of load shedding and how it affects homes and businesses  

Whether you need a Mobile or Fixed Silent Generator a GP Electrician partner can Supply and Install it. Contact GP Electricians today and we will connect you with a trusted Generator Expert in your area.   

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