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How many hours has your generator operated with a service? Has your generator been serviced in the past year? Do you have a maintenance plan for your generator? With the increased level of load shedding generators are operating much more frequently and for longer periods. Servicing your generator with a GP Electrician partner will ensure that your generator is dependable and will last for many more hours. Our partners: 

  • Are experts at maintaining all types of generators.
  • Can create a customized maintenance schedule according to your needs.
  • Offer both on and off-site servicing.


For the best in Generator Maintenance contact GP Electricians today and we will connect you with a vetted Generator Service and Repair Expert in Stellenbosch

Benefits of maintaining and servicing your generator regularly

There are many advantages of Maintaining your Generator correctly.


Ensures reliability and correct functioning

You don’t want an unanticipated problem to arise after an unplanned power loss. When you turn on your generator, the last thing you want to experience is frustration. Regular maintenance will ensure that your generator is ready to go whenever there is a power outage.


Generator Maintenance Prevents Fuel Problems and blockages

The likelihood of your generator experiencing fuel issues increases if you leave it unattended for a period. Without upkeep, a generator may turn into a haven for fungi and algae. Additionally, a carburettor or injectors may become clogged.


Generator Maintenance Increases the Lifespan of Your Generato

You’ll save a significant amount of money if you maintain your generator. Putting off maintenance responsibilities can result in expensive repairs. Additionally, your generator will stop working if you don’t service it. Therefore, if adequate maintenance is not performed, its lifespan will be jeopardised.


More efficient when serviced regularly

A generator can operate at its peak efficiency with routine maintenance. You would want your generator to be as effective as possible if you had one. Proper upkeep makes sure of that.

Servicing and maintaining your generator saves you money

As was already mentioned, skipping maintenance tasks would result in expensive repairs. Although you would have initially saved some money, the long-term repair costs would have been substantial. Being proactive will help you avoid wasting money and trouble on unneeded repairs.


It is insufficient to just purchase and install a generator. In order to ensure its flawless operation, you must maintain it properly. Get your generator serviced before it becomes a problem.


Generator Maintenance schedule for generators used regularly

In South Africa with the extensive load shedding at the moment we recommend employing a regular maintenance schedule.



  • Cleaning of generator unit 
  • Checking oil levels 
  • Checkingwater levels 
  • Checking filters and draining water traps
  • Revision of belts and tensioners 
  • Checking Battery 
  • General revision of generator 
  • Checking for Abnormalities & Leaks
  • Checking Control Panel

quarterly service

  • All of the above monthly checkups 
  • Fluid replacements like oil and coolant
  • Filter replacements like oil and air filter


annual service

  • All of the monthly checkups and quarterly maintenance 
  • Checking of fuel lines 
  • Checking and adjustment of valvetrain 
  • Checking of the fuel tank


If you have not serviced your generator in a while or it is your generators first service we recommend doing a full annual service and then the normal maintenance schedule from there on.


On-Site and Off-Site Generator Maintenance in Stellenbosch

Our partners offer both on-site and off-site maintenance and service options. Here are some of the benefits of each

On-Site Servicing:

  • 24/7 call-out service 
  • We have all the required maintenance items on hand 
  • Stationary generators do not need to be moved or disconnected 
  • Additional cost for travelling to you 

Off-Site Servicing:

  • No call-out fee
  • Quick diagnostic tools 
  • Perfect for mobile units 
  • No appointment required
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We recommend getting your generator inspected monthly and it serviced quarterly with a major service annually.


Yes, our partners offer both on-site and off-site servicing.


Yes, our partners service and maintain both petrol and diesel generators.


Yes, our partners are on call 24/7 inmost areas and will be able to help you with any problem with your generator after hours as they carry a large inventory of spare parts.


Why choose GP Electrician Partner to Service and Maintain your Generator?

Are you not sure where to get your generator serviced? GP Electricians have paired up with leading local Generator Maintenance and Repair companies making it easy for you to get your generator service by a trusted agent. Our partners:

  • Are focused on client satisfaction
  • Are competitively priced
  • Are serviced by experience repairmen
  • On-site 24/7 emergency call-out service
  • Service of both Mobile and Fixed generators
  • carry an extensive range of service parts like sparkplugs, oil, coolant and filters.

We have teams standing by and ready to help in and around Stellenbosch including:

De Wijnlanden | De Zalze Winelands Golf Estate | Die Boord | Jamestown | Onder Papegaaiberg | Paradyskloof | Stellenbosch | Stellenbosch Central | Welgevonden Estate


How much does it cost to service a Generator?

The cost of servicing a generator can be as low as R300 for the monthly inspection and R600 if performed on-site.

The cost of servicing a generator is from R650 – R1500+ depending on if the unit is serviced on-site or off-site, the size of the generator and what replacement parts are needed

The cost of a Major service starts from R1000 – R3000+ depending on the size of the generator and if the service is performed on-site or off-site


If your need your generator serviced contact GP Electricians today and a Leading Generator Service and Repair Company in Stellenbosch will contact you shortly.

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