Get Electrical COC Compliance Certificate in Cape Town Southern Suburbs

Do you need a CoC certificate for your property sale? Are you worried about the integrity of your house’s wiring? Then getting a CoC certificate from a GP Electricians partner is a must.

Any property with an electrical system must have a current CoC certificate in order to be sold. Until a CoC certificate is presented, the property transfer will not be finalised. Depending on the location and size of the property, a CoC certificate can cost from R850. However, this does not include any necessary changes or repairs if the property is not in compliance. A certified electrician will ensure:

  • that no fire hazard or risk of electrocution results from electrical installation.
  • that both the earthing and bonding of the property are done correctly.
  • that the property’s circuits are all functionally sound.
  • the laws of South Africa are followed in all electrical work.


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What is a Electrical Compliance Certificate (ECoC)?

An ECoC certificate ensures that the electrical installation of a property complies with the Electrical Installations Occupational Health and Safety Act and South African National Standards. An Electrician will test:

  • That the DB board has necessary trip switches and safety measures
  • That the switches, light fittings, and plug sockets are functioning correctly  
  • That the premises and wiring are earthed correctly
  • That the DB board is labelled correctly including the correct warnings
  • That the whole electrical installation is not degraded due to age or exposure to the elements
  • That the Mains and Earth leakage is in compliance with the regulations

Electrician requirements for issueing a CoC certificate

All electricians no matter if they perform CoC inspections or not are required to be registered annually with the department of labour and the Electrical Contracting Board of South Africa. All electricians doing any work or inspections should be in possession of a valid Electricians Ticket.

Time period that CoC certificates are valid

Coc certificates are valid for a period of 24 months from the date of issuing or until any changes are made to the electrical installation. If any changes are made to the electrical installation a new CoC certificate will be required.

Advantages of selecting a GP Electricians partner to perform your CoC certificate in Cape Town Southern Suburbs

There are many advantages of selecting a GP Electricians partner but below we name a few.

  • Fast test scheduling and immediate certificate issuing upon compliance
  • Prices starting from R850 
  • Experienced electricians that are certified
  • Will advise you free of charge on any changes if required
  • Extra care is taken to ensure your safety and compliance
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Before the transfer of ownership of any property with an electrical installation is permitted the property must possess a valid CoC certificate. If the CoC certificate is older than 24 months or if any alteration has been made to the property a new inspection will be required.

Depending on the type of property—residential, commercial, or industrial—an Electrical Compliance Certificate (ECoC) can be obtained for as little as R850. This payment is only for the cost of the Certificate and does not include any necessary changes to the electrical systems of the Building. The certified electrician won’t provide the homeowner with a Certificate of Compliance unless all of the home’s electrical components meet all relevant criteria (CoC).

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